Power Tools

Category Product

• Product Quality
How do you evaluate the products according to quality criteria (material, workmanship, durability)?

• Range Policy
How important are the following aspects of the range policy for you: the breadth and depth of the product range, competitive price ranges, contemporary design, degree of innovation?

• Battery Expertise
Which battery brand stands, in your point of view, for quality and know how in a market with increasing importance, including performance, compatibility, depth of the product range, marketing potential, technical in-house expertise?

Category Profitability

• Rate of Turnover
Do product quality, functionality, fashion statement, price-performance ratio, brand image and consumer advertising help to sell the product successfully?

• Obtainable Profit Margin
Do the actually obtainable profit margins (i.a. due to the suppliers’ cultivation of the market) contribute to the necessary profit allowing qualified staff and adequate service?

• Conditions/Rebate System
Do the buying conditions meet the high-quality commitment at the point of sale and the necessary profit margin of the specialty retailers?

Category Service

• Delivery Performance
Are the ordered goods delivered on time, in good condition and completely? Are reorders handled appropriately?

• Handling of Complaints
Is fairness taken seriously or do bureaucratic rules impede the quick processing of complaints? Are damage claims by consumers handled in an adequate manner as well?

• Support through Field Service
How ist the field service organized? Can regular and sufficient visits be guaranteed? Is the field representative a good advisor and supporter or is it his priority to push products into the market?

• Support through internal sales force
Are the office employees of the supplier always available and competent?

Category Distribution/Strategy

• Support of the Specialty Retail Trade
Does the supplier appreciate the quality and the service of the specialty retailers by supporting them in a particular manner? Does the supplier cultivate the market by meeting the high quality standards concerning sales and service of his products? Does he offer territorial protection?

• Sales support
Does the supplier provide appropriate measures to promote the sale of his products (consumer advertising, point of sale materials, special actions, sales training, movitation courses …)?

• Campaigns
What do you think of seasonal and discount events? Which role do they play and how far does it make sense to follow or reject them?

• Online Strategy
Does the supplier pursue an online strategy,  which does not make specialty retailers redundant but integrate them into the distribution structures – to the advantage of both the consumers  and the retailers? How do you assess potential cooperations in the market?